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Sabi Game Park horrific poaching incident & three Arrests

ZWF Hotline - FYI - Reply Sandy McDonald re - Sabi Game Park horrific poaching incident & three Arrests - 21/10/10

Oh !! Not Again !! - thanks Sandy for the prompt but gruesome update - any further info you can supply plus any pics would assist - bad luck to you all - our thoughts and anger are with you !!

Your previous poached "tragic baby" hasn't been killed in vain - it spearheads much of the fight at International level - these people are barbaric and deserve no mercy - glad they were apprehended but only hope they get severe court treatment - no bail & long sentences !!

Sabie Game Park Mozambique's anti poaching unit yesterday arrested 3 poachers who had shot 2 Rhino.

The one Rhino was still alive with its horns hacked off and stumbling around breathing through the holes where the horns had been. This cow had been stunned by a bullet and failed attempts were made to chop her spine so that either bullets were saved or more gunshots would not be heard.

The scene was straight out of a horror movie, More arrests are being made today and tomorrow.

What's totally beyond words is that on Monday these very rhino were marked and tagged with micro chips amongst others that were fitted with radio telemetry systems and no less than a day later they have been poached!

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