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 “Working towards healthy parks, dealing with hungry people” – IRF Commitment .      ~~~ RHINO SURVIVAL 2050 - EXTINCTION IS NOT AN OPTION ~~~

“Learn to accept the reality that the 21st Century African Wildlife Ideology demands of Sustainable Utilization (SU) of wildlife & their habitats is ignored at their peril !!”Rhino Poaching Apocalypse Escalates !! 2013 - 164 plus at 20/03South Africa's Shame -- 164 (20/03) 102+ (20/02) 670 (2012) 448 (2011) 333 (2010) 122 (2009)“Kruger Park Rhino Killing Fields” - 116 (13/03) 70 (20/02)  KZN/Ezemvelo - 18 (9 HiP) NW/LIM – 18

Please help expose any criminal poaching in South Africa, Mozambique & Zimbabwe plus any corruption & collusion including by some elements in the Political arena, among rhino conservation management & field staff, as has been the case in SANParks “Kruger Park Rhino Killing Fields”, the provincial North West, Maphumulo & other conservation departments, Ezemvelo’s HiP & Opathe Game Reserves (now Tembe) PLUS some private game ranches & the infamous “Boer Rhino Poaching Mafia , including even rogues elements in the police & army in each of the countries.”

“In 2013 let us not look back in anger, but forward in fury.”  - Dr Ian Player !!    ~~~ RHINO SURVIVAL 2050 - EXTINCTION IS NOT AN OPTION ~~~

RHINO WAR NEWS Anti-Poaching Plan

  ·        Prime immediate focus & challenge is, the critical need of strong, adequately funded, anti-poaching security to protect the rhino, elephant & other threatened African wildlife, as well as their habitats & protected reserves.

·        Give top priority to the scandalous rhino poaching on the “Kruger Park Rhino Killing Fields” which accounts for 70% of SA’s total (already 116 this year - 425 (2012), despite much publicised “political & field” increased efforts BUT failing & escalating at two rhino per day being slaughtered - something stinks ??

·        The threatened International tourism protest ban against SANParks & Kruger, will soon begin to become evident, unless positive progress to contain & decrease the poaching is immediately forthcoming!!

·        Launch an immediate cross border counter offensive into Mozambique against the many poachers, controlled by predominantly Vietnamese & other Orientals, openly making Maputo a dangerous den of criminals whilst supported by corrupt politicians & officials.

 ·        The exposure & eradication of any elements of political government & conservation staff collusion & corruption - on both sides of the border.

·        The critical approval of the sale of rhino horn & ivory “clash & debate” will continue ad infinitum, ensnarled by arrogant Animal Rights Ideology in the workings & voting systems of CITES - reaching finality at CoP 17 in South Africa 2017.

·        These funds will go a long way to financing the expensive security measures, but very unlikely to stop the poaching, as the demand for both rhino horn & ivory surges in the Orient.

·        Keep up the pressure and exposure of every poaching incident, following the DEA & SANParks & KZN Ezemvelo Wildlife & other provincial conservation departments censorship of exact poaching locations & ban of poached rhino photographs. Who are they trying to protect ?? Not just the rhino ??

Let’s hear from you !! What’s your plan ??

Why are so many prominent conservation NGO’s silent about the poaching & the vital need of SU to protect all our wildlife species ??

 Isn’t it time the WWF & others woke up to the realities of the 21st Century African Wildlife Ideology demand of Sustainable Utilization (SU) of wildlife & their habitats, following their recent dismal performance at CITES CoP 16 ??

Wanted rhino poaching photos, particularly from Kruger Park !!

Fonte: Tim Condon

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