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2013 Melbourne Award winners Sean Willmore

Contribution to sustainability by an individual:
Sean Willmore
Sean Willmore works to protect the people who protect wildlife. Early in his career as a park ranger he was inspired to establish the Thin Green Line Foundation after hearing other park rangers’ talk about being shot, tortured or maimed by poachers, drug lords and illegal loggers in their countries.
This experience prompted Sean to re-mortgage his house and spend a year travelling to 23 countries making a short film documenting the work of rangers and the dangers they face.
The Thin Green Line was shown in 35 countries in 2007 and Sean formed the Thin Green Line Foundation soon after to support rangers and their widows and finance other projects in their communities. The Thin Green Line Foundation also presents World Ranger Day in Melbourne every year.
As the current president of the International Ranger Federation, Sean inspires young Melburnians through school visits and storytelling in his ‘ranger in danger’ series to promote the work rangers do around the world to protect our wildlife.
“We won in the Melbourne Awards. Thanks to everyone who supports The thin green line foundation, and me personally so that we can help protect natures protectors...”, our park rangers their families and communities. Thanks to our donors, ambassadors, school children, musicians and artists, and all who support us to put this important piece of the puzzle In place:)

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