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Discovering nature’s trail -D. Fernando II School, Sintra,

WDA Portugal | Discovering nature’s trail -D. Fernando II School, Sintra,
World Days of action
D. Fernando II School, sited in Sintra, has inside itself a small wood, usually called “the school wood” by its students, teachers and staff. Overwhelmed by the richness of fauna, flora and fossils found in this small place, we developed a project called “Trilho à descoberta da natureza” (Discovering nature’s trail) – to build a nature’s interpretative pathway.
This project has the students as its main target public, but it also intends to embrace all the educative community, and in a later step, to involve the local community, as its educational and patrimonial interest is recognized by the Sintra /Cascais Natural Park specialists and by the Sintra City Hall experts in the field, who have supported us in this project.
On the 22nd April 2014, this interpretative trail will be inaugurated. This is our way to celebrate the Earth Day, and also to show our interest in the preservation of the natural environment and in Earth’s sustainability.
There will be a large number of events at school this day:  a tree planting activity, land art and aromatic plants workshops, a bird banding session, an ornithological conference, a geological and paleontological conference and also water saving awareness games.
As it is indeed a very enjoyable place to visit anytime, we are most pleased to welcome all those willing to meet us in all those willing to meet us in our very special pathway.

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