quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2011

Mais um Guardaparque assassinado no Parque Nacional Virunga-Congo

    On 6th March illegal boats were detected on Lake Edward which is in Virunga National Park on the border between Democratic Republic of Congo & Uganda . A speed boat with a patrol of rangers from Ishango, DRC tried to intercept the boat. As they approached, Mai Mai militia opened fire on the rangers. They continued with the operation, intercepted the boat, and arrested 3 people and one boat was seized. One ranger was seriously wounded in the attack. Ranger Paluku Mayani Vianney was hit in the stomach and the bullet lodged in his liver. He was flown to Nyankundi hospital in Beni where he was operated on in an attempt to remove the bullet. Although initial medical reports indicated he had stabilized, tragically he collapsed and died on 13th March. He was buried in Mutsora, his home community

Mayani is the seventh ranger to have died this year in the efforts of the DRC Rangers to protect Virunga National Park.

From: Roger Cole

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