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7th World Ranger Congress 4-9 November 2012 Tanzania

    7th World Ranger Congress 4-9 November 2012
Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge, near Arusha


A big thanks to all those that helped us by registering early. We really appreciate this. For those of you who still need to register, this is just friendly reminder to not delay. Accommodation and field trip options are filling up fast, so do register soon. Go to http://www.pamsfoundation.org/world-rangers-congress.

Call for Papers – submit before 29 February

Abstracts for the 7th World Ranger Congress need to be submitted during the month of February.

The theme for the Congress is "HEALTHY PARKS, HUNGRY PEOPLE” - Working towards Healthy Parks, dealing with ‘Hungry’ People. In broad terms, this relates to all that we are striving for towards achieving healthy and well conserved parks, and any and all of the challenges that limit or may prevent us from achieving this goal. The word ‘Hungry’ in this context means people who threaten the integrity or existence of conservation areas because of their real needs, or in some cases greed, for land, resources, power, status or money.We invite you to submit an abstract on one or more of the following sub-themes:

1)      Working towards Healthy Parks (What we are striving for as rangers)

·         Capacity Building – needs & solutions

·         Marketing and Networking·        

·         Making it Happen

2)      Dealing with Hungry People (The challenges limiting rangers from achieving Healthy Parks)

·      Challenges facing protected areas – & solutions

·         The rangers job – challenges & solutions 

Abstract submission deadline is 29 February 2012.

For more detailed information on the themes go to: http://www.pamsfoundation.org/world-rangers-congress/congress-themes

For further information on submitting your abstract, go to: http://www.pamsfoundation.org/world-rangers-congress/abstract-submissions

Showcase movies and other work at the congress!

Should you have anything else other than a presentation or poster you wish to contribute or showcase at the congress, be it showing a movie, giving a specialist training session, holding a workshop, launching a book, or displaying your work in a booth, please also submit your ideas in this regard to abstractswrc@gmail.com by 29 February 2012.

Help us make the 7th World Ranger Congress an unforgettable success

Help us spread the news to make the 7th World Ranger Congress the unforgettable success we all want it to be, by distributing this World Ranger Congress brief to everyone who you think may be interested in attending. The YouTube clip on the Congress has also been updated, so please do pass it on to all your friends and colleagues (go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN5E0X6Of_4)

Looking forward to seeing you in 2012

World Ranger Congress Event Organisers

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