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International Ranger Federation strategic plan - core values

I have a proposal for your consideration. As you would know, one of the stated IRF objectives is to ‘advance the aims of IUCN's World Conservation Strategy in all our common efforts’, and so I was referring back to this document in again revising the core values section of our draft strategic plan.

In looking at the document Caring for the Earth (1991), which is the updated version of the World Conservation Strategy (1980), I found a section which identifies ‘elements of a world ethic for living sustainably’ (p14).

This section makes some valuable statements about ethics which also cover many of the elements we were trying to cover in the IRF list of core values. Therefore I am wondering whether it would be feasible and desirable to perhaps use these statements as the basis of our own values statement. We could also then add a couple of additional things if everything isn’t covered already.

With a little re-wording to make them specifically applicable to us, the ethics coming out of Caring for the Earth would read like this:

We believe that:
Every human being is a part of the community of life, made up of all living creatures. This community links all human societies, present and future generations, and humanity and the rest of nature. It embraces both cultural and natural diversity.
Every human being has the same fundamental and equal rights, including: the right to life, liberty and security of person; to the freedoms of thought, conscience, and religion; to enquiry and expression; to peaceful assembly and association; to participation in government; to education; and, within the limits of the Earth, to the resources needed for a decent standard of living.
Each person and each society is entitled to respect of these rights; and is responsible for the protection of these rights for all others.
Every life form warrants respect independently of its worth to people. Human development should not threaten the integrity of nature or the survival of other species. People should treat all creatures decently, and protect them from cruelty, avoidable suffering, and unnecessary killing.

We take responsibility for our impacts on nature. We strive to conserve ecological processes and the diversity of nature, and use any resource frugally and efficiently, ensuring our uses of renewable resources are sustainable.
We aim to share fairly the benefits and costs of resource use among different communities and interest groups, among regions that are poor and those that are affluent, and between present and future generations. Each generation should leave to the future a world that is at least as diverse and productive as the one it inherited. Development of one society or generation should not limit the opportunities of other societies or generations.

The protection of human rights and those of the rest of nature is a worldwide responsibility that transcends all cultural, ideological and geographical boundaries. The responsibility is both individual and collective.

Please reply with your thoughts.

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