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Africa Geographic Special Rhino Issue - “Run Baby Run”

    RHINO WAR NEWS - FEATURE - Africa Geographic Special Rhino Issue - “Run Baby Run” April 2012

A special issue dedicated to rhinos

More than one a day. That’s the rate which rhinos are being massacred in South Africa. We are bombarded daily with kill counts, court cases, corruption allegations and those awful images. Debates, arguments and the opinions of everyone from conservationists to bloggers to economists about What Should Be Done rage back and forth. Depressed? Confused? The team Africa Geographic was and, in an effort to cut through the clutter and voices, has dedicated its entire April issue to rhinos. 

Leading rhino experts have helped to produce Run Baby Run – the most accessible and comprehensive guide to rhinos and their plight.  How many are there? What do they use their horns for? Are the horns just like hair (no), do they have any medicinal qualities (jury’s out) and how long do we have before rhino populations start to decline (depends, but worst-case scenario is 2016)? 

Most importantly, all the proposed solutions to the current poaching crisis are discussed: beefing up security; increasing legal penalties; poisoning the horn; cutting it off; fighting demand in Asia; and, possibly the hottest debate of all, proposals to legalise the trade in rhino horn. With input from SANParks, Department of Environmental Affairs, the Hawks, rhino conservationists, rhino farmers, forensic specialists, scientists and economists, the April issue of Africa Geographic gives you all the information you need to come to your own, well-informed decision.

PLUS: Moved to make your own contribution? Africa Geographic presents more than 60 NGOs working to save rhinos – telling you what they stand for, how they spend your money and how to contact them.

 RUN BABY RUN is available for syndication in part or as a whole. For further information about the issue or to arrange interviews with the writers and editors, please contact: Carole Lowen
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